Street food Naples: where to find the best street food in Naples

Naples is street food . And this is an indisputable fact. Every corner of the city hides a nice and characteristic place where you can enjoy a culinary specialty. The choice is wide: from the typical dishes of the Neapolitan tradition, to the most exotic dishes. Furthermore, in recent times, culinary experimentation has taken place a long way in the streets of Naples, and it is therefore frequent to find traditional products revisited in a completely new way. If you are a ” street food lovers “, but you are convinced that you do not know the best places to go, we offer you our list: the best of street cuisine in Naples .

Could you start this list of street food differently? Definitely no. Fries are one of the most traditional products of Neapolitan cuisine, and this is why there are many restaurants that offer their take away version of these products. If you love frying you can not miss the Friggitoria Vomero  (Via Cimarosa, 44). It is a must in the industry and a place loved by vomeresi and non. There you will find crosses, rice balls, zeppolines and fried vegetables at very low prices (about 0,20 cents a piece: yes yes, you got it right!). Another address that you can not know is Via dei Tribunali, 94, because it is the address of Pizzeria Di Matteo in the historical center. Legend has it that they sell there the best pasta frittatina in Naples. Even here the price is crazy: € 1.50 per piece! As an alternative to the real locals, the frittatina of the Padella in Piazza Arenella is a must. Last to remember is Sofi’s passion , in the center of Via Toledo, 206: an entire room entirely dedicated to fried food. You will lose yourself in trousers and mountains, kneaded vegetables, fried cabbage flakes and ciurilli. In short, the best of Neapolitan tradition cooked with the passion of the past.

Pizza? Do we really need to remember that this is the most loved street food in the world? Obviously not. It is also a sort of icon of Italian culinary tradition, indeed Neapolitan. This product is so important for this city that in Naples was invented the way to say ” pizza to wallet “: a pizza take away, precisely, to be folded like a wallet and eat bites while walking around the alleys of the city. Here’s where to eat them: No, wait … Where to eat pizzas in your wallet? Virtually everywhere! But if you really want some advice, I give you some advice: walk from Piazza Dante to Piazza San Gaetano, crossing Port’Alba . There you will find at least a dozen pizzerias that are right for you. If you love fried pizza, there isEsterina Sorbillo : in the center of Piazza Trieste E Trento, 53 and Via de Tribunali 37 or Vomero at Via Luca Giordano 35 .

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