The liberal media threw a fit earlier this year when Melania Trump decided to stay in Trump Tower in New York City for a few months so that Barron could finish his school year. However, they are now staying silent about the fact that Melania is doing something huge to save American taxpayers’ money, and it puts Michelle Obama to shame.

“According to a report published by a private organization that tracks government spending, Open the Books reveals that Melania Trump has saved more money with her staff than Michelle Obama did as the first lady. Melania has 19 fewer staffers dedicated to her office than Michelle did in the White House. Mrs. Trump has five staffers versus the 24 staffers who served Michelle Obama,” reports Inquisitr.

Melania could have 24 staffers, like Michelle, but part of the Trump plan was to streamline the White House staff, which under the Obamas had become a bloated bureaucracy. Michelle was such a prima donna that she employed numerous staffers, including schedulers, directors, planners, associates, social and press secretaries, and other assistants.

So, how much is Melania saving tax-payers? Approximately $5.1 million dollars a year, but that’s not all. Overall, the Trump White House is saving a total of $22 million dollars. “President Trump’s ‘leaner White House payroll,’ as reported by Forbes, is saving taxpayers $22 million overall. This information is verified by the fact that the current salaries for White House employees was made public on Friday. Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner are taking a total salary of zero dollars,” according to Inquisitr.

Since Melania Trump has lived the life of a very rich woman in her adult years, especially after marrying Donald Trump, common sense would suggest that she’d be the one who would go in for the lavish spending, but that’s just not so. On the other hand, Michelle Obama’s previous home was in Chicago, and while it was a beautiful house in an upscale neighborhood, it was far from the digs of the Oprah and Richard Branson set, who were two people the Obamas love to hobnob with on their lavish vacations. While one would think, given their histories, Michelle would expect fewer luxuries, her 8 years as the first lady proved that’s not the case, either.

We have to remember that Melania Trump grew up in a communist country. She grew up poor and watched her parents be very frugal with what little money they earned. “Melania grew up with humble roots in Sevnica, Slovenia, where she was known as Melanija Knavs and lived in Communist-style apartment housing that overlooked a river and smoking factory chimneys,” Associated Press reports.

Now, you won’t be hearing from the mainstream media about Melania giving back five million dollars to taxpayers each year after Michelle had been spending on her personal friends, hiring them as her staff during her eight years as the first lady. Even if Melania only stays in the White House for four years, that’s 20 million dollars she’s saving the American taxpayers.

It just goes to show you the character of Melania. No one would have questioned if she, like Michelle, hired 24 staffers. But, she knows Americans are hurting economically and that we elected her husband to help bring wealth and jobs back to America.

Remember, Michelle said, “When they go low we go high.” Well, she is all words and no actions. Michelle is like Marie Antoinette, who was rumored to have said, “Let them eat cake,” as the French peasants were starving without bread. Melania is instead like Abagail Adams, who said, “We have too many high-sounding words and too few actions that correspond with them.” Actions are what make us who we are, and First Lady Melania Trump is a humble woman whose actions speak louder than any “high sounding words” that Michelle Obama ever said.

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