Christmas parties are approaching and plans for the holidays with them. A few days in the mountains or in a foreign city to discover how they spend Christmas outside Italy: the choices are truly endless.

You have to think about where to sleep, the climate and which tourist attractions to see, which museums will be worth visiting … and above all where to eat!

Finding the perfect food is not a simple task but here are some tips to make the research less stressful and try to enjoy this moment of vacation with a full stomach!

Search for local food

Local inhabitant beats tourist 3 to zero, always. Accepting the advice of those who live in the place you are visiting is the best way to eat good food.

Try with the organized culinary tours . For example, Vegan Food Tours is made up of a group of young locals who can accompany you to their hometowns to discover the best vegan restaurantsin the area.

It is a way to see the city from a new point of view and try a different cuisine. For now they are active in Barcelona , London and Amsterdam but are planning to expand their tours to other major cities such as Berlin, Paris, Lisbon and even Rome!

Google is your friend

I recommend it trivial but it is always better to remember it: planning a holiday is always useful. If you already know which attractions you will visit, look for the most recommended places to eat in the surrounding area. And do not rely on a single site: search for culinary publications , sites specialized in local culture and reviews so you can compare opinions and create a list of the places that inspire you. You know, the worst situation on holiday is to be hungry but without the slightest idea of ​​where to eat.

Open mind

Finally, do not try to eat like at home. If your tomato sauce is unbeatable, do not try to find it in Barcelona. Learn about local tastes and keep yourself ready to try new combinations and textures, maybe you’ll be ecstatic and if not … it will be a good story to tell when you’re back!

You just have to pack your bags and … enjoy your meal!

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